Keeping it fresh

It’s been a hot one…and two..and a dozen.  Walking outside, as my friend Molly put it, is like having the whole world fart in your face through a hot, wet blanket.  Oh, to be back in the land of dry heat…..

Every time I wish that upon myself,  I look back and recall when I first spent time in this fair city.  I lived in the land of dry heat, where everything was dry and crispy before the 4th of July, where raising a vegetable garden was to do battle with the devil himself, and we won’t even talk about raising a lovely flower garden.  It was in late May ( a thousand years ago) that I first came down to Lincoln to spend a few days with my younger sister.  I marveled at the traffic, the buildings, the fantastic supermarkets that actually sold individual potatoes, compared to the 25-100 lb bags I was used to buying.  My first night at my sister’s 3rd (gasp) floor apartment was spent watching a fantastic thunderstorm that included lightning bolts hitting the sower on top of the capitol building a few blocks away.

The next morning she and I walked the dozen or so blocks to a supermarket to get a few things for a hibachi barbeque she’d planned on the back landing of their apartment.  As we walked, I ooohed and ahhhed over the lush lawns of the stately houses we passed, marveled at the gorgeous flowers blooming along the route, and thrilled at the sights of the castle-like mansions that dotted the streets through a historic part of the city.  We entertained ourselves on the way by calling  “here kitty kitty kitty” to the numerous cats lounging on the porches and stoops along the way.  Some actually came down to greet us, but most looked at us with lazy, sleepy eyes and chose to stay put.

Ah, the tall oak trees! The fireflies that blipped through the heavy night air!   The 24 hour supermarkets and convenience stores!  City bus service!   The internet at one’s fingertips! The sounds of the city–sirens, horns, trains, people was so exciting for me, a farm girl who lived in the sandhills where there were 3 people and 50 head of cattle per square mile.  I decided that, if life for me ever changed drastically, I would move to this Eden.

Thanks to that same sister (and other extenuating circumstances), my life did change drastically.  She and her husband had just upgraded their computer, and she gifted me with their old one.  When I got back to the Sandhills, I found that I could connect to the internet on that same computer, and by connecting with the internet, I also connected with the man who is now my husband.  One thing led to another, and I packed up everything I could say was mine into my Mercury Marquis and moved to this lovely city.  Two years later I married that man I met on the internet, and we now live in a lovely deep-porched bungalow with two cats and a dog, a huge back yard with a vegetable garden, blooming flowers, and a clothes line.  Everything I had dreamed of on that first visit to Lincoln.

Now, whenever I start complaining about the heat, about the humidity, about the noise, about anything, I take a trip back in my mind to the days of awe and wonder of this city, and it all comes back to me; fresh, new, and exciting.  And I am filled with awe and wonder that I am now actually living that dream.