Wouldn’t Wish This Week on Anyone

1. Found out that my 85 year old father may have a very serious illness. Okay; put bluntly, terminal. 

2. Found out that 16 year old grandson, one of the two lights of my life, is having such a difficult time in school and home that one of his friends red flagged him to his school counselor as a threat to himself.

3. Dr. K was laid off the job he’s had for almost 4 years, given one month pay and if not re-hired in one month, 6 weeks severance pay.  This is our only (really crappy) source of medical insurance.  Due to his age and health, the chance of getting a better job or even getting another job is slim.

4. I am having a followup mammogram today to see if that suspicious lump really is a terrorist cell.

5. After writing up 2 workers for poor work, I’ve been dealing with passive/aggressive behavior on the part of the entire crew, who will probably have to be written up for insubordination, resulting in even more p/a behavior, resulting in management questioning my own ability to manage my crew.

6. My car’s engine light came on again. Last week the wipers stopped working.

I’m not sending out pity-party invitations.  Not one of these things is  more than I can handle.  But like the straw that breaks the camel’s back, I’m afraid there will be one more thing to add to this trauma that will break me.

  And not knowing what that one thing may be is more than I can handle.


2 thoughts on “Wouldn’t Wish This Week on Anyone

  1. Dude. First of all, don’t worry about Dad because we don’t know what it is, let alone whether it is terminal.

    Secondly, my heart breaks for pumpkin man. It does. Hopefully there is some family preservation service there that will help him and his dad, who needs to really man up and spend more time with his son. Secondly, he needs some counseling to deal with a lot of loss. I don’t know how to even begin comprehending how tough it is to be this far away worrying about him.

    Dr. K’s job situation: I wondered if that was what was happening this week. I just had a feeling. As you know, we’ve been through something similar and it SUCKS. The medical part is the scariest.

    Positive thinking ain’t gonna fix all this. Positive action might make some dent in it, though. Most of all, this is not a set of burdens any of us have been designed to carry alone. Take that in any number of ways, but to quote our friend Gongzilla: “Be Well, Have Faith, Take Action.”

    Tell me what I can do to help.

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