You People Are Sick, Sick…

Why do sick people go out and spread their diseases to those innocent ones–like myself–who, due to their vocation, have to come in contact with them? 

In the past 5 days I have had to listen to one of my workers vomit in the bathroom, another cough and snort and hack her way through the workday, and another (and I think this one was just faking it out of pure laziness) whine and moan all day about a stomach ache.

Sure, we all have to work. But we all owe it to society and mankind in general to keep your creeping crud to yourself and not expose the rest of us to it.  Hand sanitizer does not negate the effect of someone sneezing  into your face.  You touch money handled by someone suffering from some bug and there you go. You’ve exposed yourself to who knows what they are carrying, whether it’s Swine Flu or Dengue Fever.

Because of having had Guillaine-Barre Syndrome 20 odd years ago, I cannot be inoculated against the H1N1 virus.  And because I am also diabetic, catching that flu bug can be catastrophic to me.  But, I have to work, and I am continually washing my hands and wiping down all the surfaces I touch with antibacterial sanitizer to try to beat the odds and get through the flu season unscathed.  So when that man dug into his nose then handed me his money, or that coworker wiped her nose with her bare hand then pawed through some wares, or that bleary-eyed customer handed me a fist-full of used kleenex along with her credit card, I suppose I don’t have much choice but pray for a heavenly exemption from the flu. I know I can’t hit those people over the head with a used vaporizer and tell them they’re all pigs and to keep their nasty, unsanitary habits at home.

Oh, maybe that’s where the  term “Swine Flu” came from.


One thought on “You People Are Sick, Sick…

  1. A friend and I were just discussing today that you even need to wipe down those electronic pens that you sign with at the checkout counters. Think I may just try to buy my own instead of using the one at the store check-out… ugh. Germs EVERYWHERE!!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

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