We have more than enough, thank you.

My first day off from my new job, and I was still exhausted this morning when I got up.  Sat around all morning, drinking coffee then some house cleaning, and completely forgot that we had planned to go to Syracuse, Nebraska for their Germanfest and watch the weinerdog races.  Yes, I am obsessed with dachshunds.  If anyone has one  to give away, let me know. I will die a happy woman knowing that, once again, I owned a doxie.

After watering the garden and picking a butt load of cucumbers, I found I didn’t have enough jar lids for my pickles.  So Dr. K and I went shopping…and ended up with much, much more than we’d planned.

We drove by a small market on our way to a ginormous one, and saw that they were having their annual produce extravaganza.  People lined up along the sidewalk, waiting to fill the carts with everything from pineapple ($1.50 each) to Bing cherries ($1.89/lb) to huge heads of broccoli ($.89 each).  Dr K. could live on fresh fruit alone and never complain, so we ended up buying  pineapples, kiwi, strawberries, grapes, bananas, nectarines, two kinds of cherries  and purple plums, as well as broccoli and  crisp, fresh green beans.  But we forgot to get jar lids for my pickles.

So we went on to mega market to get jar lids. When we got there, THEY had a produce sale as well, so Dr K  bought a 20 lb box of Bing cherries for 1.29/lb.  There was also pork roast advertised for  $.98/lb, and since I had promised some co-workers I would bring them (someday) some of my prize-winning tamales, I got a huge pork roast, a bag of masa, and corn husks to make said tamales.

Again, I forgot the jar lids.

So, we went on to  (((shudder))) the W-place, where we picked up cat food, cheeses, spices, toilet paper, and a tube of Poligrip (don’t they all go well together?). Jar lids….spaced off again.

When we got home and unloaded all of our bags,  my neighbor was there, and asked if I needed jar lids—she had way too many and didn’t want to throw them away. Ka-CHING! She also gave me about a gallon of small cukes.   Only bad thing was that, with all the fruit and other produce to cut up and bag for the freezer, there was no time to make pickles. So…Dr K sat down to watch one of his Kung-fu movies and pitted cherries and sliced and diced fruit to put away in the freezer. I decided to go ahead and make pickles, 6 quarts, plus I cooked up the pork and prepared it so I could make tamales tomorrow.

The kitchen is a disaster area.  Fruit, vegetables and dirty dishes piled everywhere. With the Dr’s help, we have about 20 quart bags of fruit salad in the freezer, 6 quarts of pickles, and 5 lbs of cooked, shredded, and seasoned pork to make into tamales…tomorrow.

And all because I didn’t have enough jar lids.


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