It’s Not All That and A Bucket of Chicken,After All.

My sister has a saying (which I believe she learned from her Southern in-laws) “ It’s all that, and a bucket of chicken!”–meaning, “It” is better than great.

I have discovered that having internet access on my PC is NOT all that…Dr K and I decided to do away with cable tv and internet, simply for economic reasons.  I’m not employed, and we couldn’t afford the $150 + a month for cable and internet any longer.  With a converter box and antenna, we still get up to 15 channels on our tv, some channels which are not available via cable.  Yes, we have to adjust the antenna for some of the channels, but for the most part, the signal is clean, crisp, and most importantly, free. 

The internet, on the other hand, was a stickier subject. Since I do most of my job hunting via the net (and more and more companies use the internet exclusively for job applications), it got tiring, driving to the library everyday to post resumes and search for employment.  My family (very large; 12 siblings altogether, scattered across the country) has a website which is the hub of all family information, photos, news, etc.  It’s very important to have access to that site…saves us all countless phone calls and misinformation.  Then, of course, there’s my blog, but that, I can give or take, since it’s hardly read by anyone outside the family.

So, after a month of  no internet, we had it installed again.  And it’s actually not that interesting; not worth what it costs. Yes, it’s nice to get into Facebook, play games, find recipes, and get the latest in news, weather, and sports. But it’s nicer to go out for a walk, take a nap, and maybe even clean house.  I think that when I do rejoin the ranks of the employed, I might just free myself of the net as well, since I’ve discovered it’s not all that, with or without a bucket of chicken.


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