Ordvan, the Trinity of Evil

My sister, whose blog is the first and last thing I read online everyday, posted a blog about nightmares.

Like Mary, I have very vivid dreams, complicated, confusing, and sometimes just downright evil.  Even as a small child I had such frightening dreams I can still remember them in detail.  One recurring dream I had when I was in kindergarten (5 years old). I dreamed I was walking down a path  through a forest, and came upon a run down shack. There was no glass in the two windows, and the front door was one of those dutch doors, where the top opens separately from the bottom.(Where the hell did I ever see dutch doors?) The top part of the door was open, and the inside of the shack was completely dark. I was about 20 feet away from it, when, slowly, a large stick appeared through the open door with a skull on the end of it.  I couldn’t see  whoever or whatever was holding the stick, but I watched in horror as the stick swung back and forth, the skull bobbling on the end.

I would also have this dream time and again: I would be standing in the middle of the highway that ran past our house, and looking down the highway where the business district was, there were no street lights, nothing, just darkness…not even darkness, more like a dead black space. I would wake up with such a feeling of total and utter despair. Pretty heavy for a 5 year old.

More recently, well, more like 15 years or so ago, I had a nightmare that I still don’t quite believe was a nightmare.  It was too damn real.

I was sound asleep when all of a sudden someone or something  jerked me up into a sitting position in my bed. I could feel the hands pulling me up by my shoulders. I looked around, nothing. Husband sleeping soundly next to me, bedroom door closed, nothing unusual. I laid back down, thinking THAT was weird, and went back to sleep.

Then, wham! I was on the floor beside the bed.  As hard as I hit the floor, I had a feeling I was pushed or thrown.  I got up, ready to give my husband hell for playing tricks on me, but he was still asleep, in the same position he was earlier. Now I was getting a little spooked, but I was so tired, I just got back into bed and fell right back asleep.

Next thing I knew something was dragging me by the feet across the bedroom floor and out the door. I didn’t remember being dragged from the bed, just woke up as I was being dragged. I didn’t scream, I wasn’t terrified, I just tried to keep myself from being dragged out of the room. Then bam! I was back in bed. You know how it is when you’re half asleep and trying to gather your thoughts? I closed my eyes, trying to figure out if I was dreaming or if this was real or if I was dreaming it was real or dreaming about dreaming …and a bright neon green evil demon head blasted in front of my eyes behind my closed eyelids and screamed ” I am Ordvan! Trinity of Evil! “ (sounds almost funny now, but it was pee-my-pants-horrifying at the time). Then it disappeared.

That was it.  I was really awake now.  I woke my husband, crying and shaking, and recounted the “dream” I just had.  Always the source of comfort, he shrunk down under the covers and said, “Good God! Now you’ve got me scared, too!”

I did some deep breathing and tried to relax and get back to sleep, since it was just a couple hours till sunup and work on the farm begins at the crack of dawn.  Then I saw something that woke me up completely: the bedroom door, which had been shut tight before we went to bed (to keep the cat out), was now wide open.


2 thoughts on “Ordvan, the Trinity of Evil

  1. Oh thanks so much for reminding me of that. I thought maybe you were going to recount Ang’s dream about Andre, the oatmeal raisin cookie with the pink Elvis hairdo, clothed only in sheet music, riding along in the winnebago camper.

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