Somewhere out there…

I’m looking for a new job. Or just a job. Or, to be polite, “a place of employment”.  I know, there’s this thing called a recession going around, and Airborne or Tamaflu isn’t stopping it.  I  lost my last job as a customer service representative  for a cellular phone  company (‘can you hear me now’) because I had not met the company’s metrics for perfect customer care service.

I took (and still take) pride in my work as a  customer service rep.  I have always looked at situations from the customer’s point of view, simply because I have been in situations just like those that customers call in about.  Not able to pay their bills.  Not understanding the details of the bills.  Desperate not to have their lifeline, their only source to the outside world, including  family, dropped  because  of  unexplained charges and vague instructions on reading and deciphering a bill.

I can relate.  It’s as simple as that. I can’t, however, convince someone to change their services to something out of their budget range or add on features that they can’t afford.  I AM in their shoes.  I won’t attempt to sell something to someone who will not only fail to pay for those added features, but will also lose their shoes, as well as the shirt off their backs to pay for something I am required to offer them.

I want to be able to find employment in a  field where I know I can make a positive difference in someones life, where I know I have made their lives easier, even in a minute way.  But to be realistic, I need a job that provides good benefits, such as insurance, and gives me the opportunity to prove my worth, and work my way up the ladder.

I know there are places out there like that.  I know there are employers who can see the potential and abilities in someone like myself. I just wish they would see my resume on the 10 different jop search websites where my resume is posted.


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